TheatreWorks offers workshops utilizing theatre to facilitate healthy change in schools, communities and organizations.


Workshops for Organizations and Workplaces

Image Theatre

half and full day workshops, keynote address option

The workshops begin with theatre games and exercises to build group trust, connection, and comfort with the medium of theatre. We move on to creating and animating images that reflect and represent the struggle under investigation. Each participant will create their own image, utilizing other people in the group. We then bring these images and their characters to life, with a range of techniques aimed at exploring the struggle, the relationships, movement toward change, and possible solutions.

Image Theatre can also be utilized to create a dynamic conference opening event, as an alternative to a traditional keynote address. The evening before the presentation, conference participants work with director River Chandler to create images around the focus of the event. The images are presented and animated at the opening event, with opportunities for audience members to participate and interact. The presentation is an engaging and entertaining way to begin your conference, annual general meeting or other group event.


Rainbow of Desire

half and full day workshops, performance option

After warm up and group building games, we move on to the major exercise Rainbow of Desire. In this exercise, we explore the internal thoughts, feelings and voices that complicate our relationships with other people and stop us from achieving our goals. This exercise contains a series of transformative techniques which allow us to see how we contain many different desires and fears at any one time. Beginning with stories from the group about particular scenarios and relationships related to the topic under investigation, we explore the range of fears and desires for each character in the scene. Group members begin by forming frozen images that represent these fears and desires, and move to engaging one by one in improvised scenes with each other and the main characters. By learning to identify these fears and desires, we begin the process of understanding ourselves and each other.


Cops in the Head (and their antibodies)

half and full day workshops, performance option

Cops in the Head addresses those internal voices that have embedded themselves in our heads. It is not always external forces that oppress us - sometimes internalized oppressors are equally powerful. Cops in the Head are the people in our heads who put up stop-signs and say, "you can't do that", "you're stupid", "no good" - the people who have put us down and over time taken up residence inside us, affecting the way each of us listens, sees and acts.

As with all the workshops, we begin with games and exercises for warm up and group building. We then begin with stories from the group about particular moments when we felt paralyzed, or led to behave in a way that had a negative outcome, as related to the topic under investigation. Choosing a story, we explore the cops in the protagonist's (storyteller's) head. The protagonist chooses people from the group to be the cops, shaping them into a frozen image and giving them a phrase to say. We play the scene, with the frozen cops saying their phrase, giving the rest of the group an experience of the struggle in the moment. The group is then invited to be "antibodies", to participate in the scene in some way that challenges the cops. This workshop helps participants identify the cops in the head, and with the help of the group, liberate themselves in a creative and entertaining way.


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