TheatreWorks offers workshops utilizing theatre to facilitate healthy change in schools, communities and organizations.


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TheatreWorks offers a range of workshops utilizing the games and exercises of Theatre for Living to work for healthy change in schools, communities, organizations and workplaces.

TheatreWorks uses theatre exercises to assist participants to explore issues and concerns, and work toward creative and positive solutions. This approach is safe, enjoyable and insightful for all participants.

"TheatreWorks struck a balance between being organized and safe, and letting creativity flow. I highly recommend these workshops for any organization or individual."

- J. Acampora, Community Based Trainer

Artistic Director/Manager

River Chandler, BSW, formed TheatreWorks in 2004. River brings formal training and professional and community experience in theatre to her work. River received a Manitoba Theatre Centre scholarship to attend Camosun College's Professional Actor Training Program after high school. The program partnered with Bastion Theatre in Victoria, BC, where River had the opportunity to both perform and train backstage in Bastion's mainstage productions.

More recently, River trained with Headlines Theatre, Vancouver in Theatre for Living facilitation in 2003 and 2004. River and TheatreWorks partnered with Headlines in their national project Gimme the Keys, theatre about drinking, drugs and driving (2004).

River holds a degree in Social Work from the University of Victoria, and has seventeen years experience as a counsellor, instructor and facilitator in a range of community social service agencies, and at Camosun College. She brings her considerable skills to her facilitating, directing and managing work with TheatreWorks.

"River created/facilitated the cohesion of the entire room, performers and audience alike."

- Audience Member, InsideOUT

What is Theatre for Living?

David Diamond of Headlines Theatre, Vancouver, created Theatre for Living, and has directed over 250 community projects in BC, Canada, and abroad. Theatre for Living is based on the groundbreaking Theatre of the Oppressed, created by director, writer and community activist Augusto Boal.

Theatre for Living is about empowerment - about people being the experts in their own lives, and using theatre as a means of creating change. Theatre for Living gives individuals in a workshop the opportunity to use the language of the theatre to investigate hard-to-talk-about issues. This is a creative step towards dealing with these issues, by moving towards open communication about the challenges people face, and exploring and creating new and healthier realities.

Theatre for Living gives workshop participants the opportunity to experience theatre in a different way - not as something that is outside their lives, mysterious and inaccessible, but as a natural language. Culture, after all, used to be ordinary people singing, dancing, painting, carving and telling stories. If we can reclaim cultural expression as part of our everyday vocabulary -- a common language that we use to tell our own stories -- we are one step closer to being balanced both as individuals and as communities.

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